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Our philosophy is based on the constant pursuit of the best quality.


Build a prestigious company, recognized and respected nationally and internationally, in order to satisfy the needs of our clients, related to the provision of mineral nutrients and liposome assets, exceeding their expectations through continuous improvement.

Quality policy:

At LIPOTECH S. A., we only sell safe and reliable products, made by our people, focused on customer satisfaction with enthusiasm and commitment, offering security, punctuality and careful attention to achieve excellence through continuous improvement.

The responsibility to reach competitive quality levels rests directly on the management, who establishes specific goals and objectives related to quality as part of the business plan.

In order for this policy to be successful, the commitment of LIPOTECH S.A., General Management, Middle Management and Control is essential to lead by the example and create the right conditions for our people to fully execute their tasks in an optimal way.

Our Values as a Company:

  • Develop products that improve life quality.
  • Generate work sources, guaranteeing our staff's professional development.
  • Create a  working atmosphere where every employee at LIPOTECH S.A. works towards group excellence.
  • Raise awareness about our company and country by developing and manufacturing excellent products.



As a tool to qualify our human resources to adopt quality as part of our working tasks.


Boosting our people's abilities to achieve common goals.

Quality system:

In order to achieve a modern and effective management that will position our company as a regional and worldwide leader.

Process continuous improvement:

Shortening process time while obtaining high service quality 

Customer service:

Taking customer satisfaction as  paramount.


Maximizing efforts to comply with the strictest environmental policies.

Safety and industrial hygiene:

Contributing to preservation of  health and safety of  people and goods.


Following ethical standards and creating links with our community.