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Our line of food additives is widely used by the food industry all over the world.
One of them is Biofer (micro-encapsulated ferrous sulfate), a product that allows fortification of fluid milk at a level of 15 to 18 mg of iron per liter.
Biofer is used in dairy products, soy drinks and dietary supplements, among other applications, in several countries all around the world.

LIPOTECH S.A. has developed a huge variety of stabilized salts like gluconates, lactates, chlorides and sulfates that have the following characteristics.

High bioavailability.

The absorption of the essential elements depends, in most cases, on the solubility of the used compound, as well as on the biological behavior of the element once absorbed. This means that the element must have the same metabolic pathways as the ones known for the salts considered as “reference salts”.
All our compounds have equal or greater bioavailability than the reference compounds.

High solubility in water

Our stabilized salts show very high solubility, (solutions of more than 50% by weight), which allows their addition to food in a simple way, without modifying its aqueous volumes. The solubility is equal to or much higher than the one of the same unstabilized salt.
In the case of pharmaceutical or veterinary products, their solubility allows working with small volume containers; for example, more than 300mg of calcium can be conveyed in a 10-ml ampoule bottle.

Organoleptic characteristics.

Our products were developed for the fortification of: milk, dairy products, farinaceous like bread, pasta and bakery products, sports supplements, functional drinks, dietary supplements for food and feed grade, and multimineral and multivitamin granules for drugs and dietary supplements, without altering any organoleptic characteristic of the food or drink or altering taste or color.

Applied Liposomal Technology

With the liposomal technology we inaugurate a new and unique species of drugs and supplements in the market: Liposomes in powder, liquids or semisolids to use in food and beverages, cosmetics, dietary supplements or drugs.


It increases the therapeutic margin and durability of highly sensitive, difficult to handle, active substances.

It reduces the necessary doses for the action of the active principle, with the possibility of using various forms of supply, improving the absorption and half-life of substances presenting an unfavorable pharmacokinetics.

Liposomes allow the transport of hydrophobic substances into aqueous phases.